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HG-SR Servo Motor

Medium capacity ▪ Medium inertia. <br> Support equipment with large load inertia. <br> Capacity: 0.5 kW~ 7 kW<br> Application examples ●Transfer machinery ●Special machinery ●Manipulator ●Loader, unloader ●Winding machine, voltage equipment ●Turntable ●XY meter


Easy to use<br> ◎No need to use a computer for servo adjustment. Just touch the button on the front of the amplifier. <br> ◎Equipped with a "strong drive function" that can keep the equipment running without stopping even if there is a temporary load change, power supply change, or mechanical resonance frequency change.<br> Easy to import<br> ◎It is very easy to select the model on the FA machine information site "Mitsubishi Electric FA Site". It is also very simple to use dedicated software for capacity selection. <br> ◎The standard configuration of "regenerative resistor" (above 200W) realizes wiring saving ●Space saving.

HG-KN servo motor

Mitsubishi General AC Servo MR-JE series is an upgraded version of the MR-ES series, compatible with all the functions of the MR-ES series, and also improved the advanced performance and ease of use of the product on the original basis.

FR-E700 series

E700 products are economical products that can achieve high drive performance.

Dongguang County Packaging Machinery Industry Innovation Development Training Conference was successfully held

On November 26, 2020, the County Packaging Machinery Federation and the County Packaging Machinery Industry Technology Research Institute jointly held the "Packaging Machinery Industry Upgrading, Upgr

The future has come. Digital printing new equipment release

Digital technology has become an important driving force for innovation and productivity. The MY2600-HAQ digital inkjet printing production line for corrugated cardboard,