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MY2600-8AQ Corrugated Board Digital Printing Machine

Key words:


Product Description

1, the use of computer simple operation, do not need the traditional printing plate making process, save printing costs, a print, suitable for cardboard printing enterprises scattered single processing.
2. The machine adopts imported industrial-grade piezoelectric nozzles and supports black and white and color cardboard printing.
3. The use of environmentally friendly water-based ink, in line with national environmental protection policies, on-demand inkjet, can reduce costs.
4, the use of Japan's Mitsubishi servo motor, well-known brand guide rail, mute drag chain key components, to ensure accuracy and quality, the whole machine warranty period is long.


52. Servo leading edge paper feeding is adopted, which is accurate and stable, with high repeated positioning accuracy and stronger adsorption force of multi-row wheel structure. The use of multi-baffle positioning can be suitable for simultaneous positioning of various cardboard and reduce adjustment time.

63. The laser sensor is used to automatically distinguish problems such as multiple sheets, cardboard warping and cardboard correction, which is more intelligent and reduces human participation.
7Professional product design, timely after-sales debugging and installation team, let your use and maintenance worry-free.
8, humanized operating software, can provide remote after-sales, maintenance and service, and can dock production management ERP.
9. It can provide comprehensive solutions for cutting, printing, forming, nailing and automatic storage of a full range of digital workshops.





Nozzle module

Original Epson I3200A1 industrial grade nozzle

Ink Type

CMYKEnvironment-friendly water-based ink

Sprinkler height


printing accuracy

360*600dpi(1pass)  720*600dpi(2pass)

printing efficiency


Printing format

≤ 2600mm * unlimited length

Receiving and discharging system

Leading edge paper feeding system, automatic feeding, automatic feeding

Power and electricity consumption

Fan fully open power consumption 10KWPower supply: AC 380±105%, 50-60HZ

Operating System

Professional RIP software, professional printing software, WIN7 system 32-bit operating system or above

Working environment

Room temperature 15-32 degrees Celsius, humidity 40%-70%

Machine weight


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