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Smart stereo library
Industrial-grade automated three-dimensional warehouses can realize full containers and pallets of goods to meet large-scale production and warehousing enterprises. The use of three-dimensional warehouse equipment can realize warehouse high-level rationalization, automatic access, and simple operation; improve efficiency and management quality, save labor costs and storage costs, etc.
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AGV truck
Car body size: L2250*W410*H280 (mm) (size can be customized)
Traveling mode: magnetic stripe guidance, laser guidance, inertial guidance, GPS guidance
Walking direction: walking forward and backward, turning left and right, bifurcation, translation
Communication function: wireless local area network (optional)
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MYPY2600-8A Corrugated Board Digital Printing Machine
1. It weighs 2 tons, occupies a small area, and has a space of 2 meters high * 3 meters deep * 5 meters wide.
2. Using computer data processing, does not require the traditional printing plate making process, which greatly saves the cost of paperboard. One printing is suitable for small batch or supplementary order production, and suitable for the scattered order processing of cardboard printing enterprises.
3. The machine adopts 8 original imported industrial grade piezoelectric nozzles, which are economical and durable, support black and white and color cardboard printing, and provide more than 2 years of use guarantee.
4. The use of environmentally friendly water-based ink is green and pollution-free, in line with the national environmental protection policy, and the cost is only 0.15 yuan per square meter.
5. The key parts and components adopt Japanese Mitsubishi servo motors, well-known brand guide rails, silent drag chains, to ensure accuracy and quality, and the whole machine is guaranteed for five years.
6. Tianjin University's cooperative technical achievements, serialized product design, and professional after-sales commissioning and installation team will make your equipment upgrade and maintenance worry-free.
7. Professional supporting software can provide after-sales and maintenance services remotely, and can be connected to production management ERP to open up enterprise information channels.
8. It can provide a full range of production solutions for slitting, printing, forming, nailing, and automatic storage.
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