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The robot is compact in appearance, small in size and light in weight. It is a dedicated loading and unloading robot, which can realize stable loading and unloading operations, obtain a high loading and unloading trajectory, and shorten the production cycle. It is a model sold in China. Longer service life of cables and pipe fittings. The installation method can choose ground installation, hanging installation, and upside-down installation.
Product features
01Light weight
02Fast running speed
03Beautiful appearance
04High repeat positioning accuracy
05Built-in cable
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The robot has the advantages of compact appearance, simplified structure, low failure rate, and small footprint. The elite of small palletizing robots can be used in stamping, small palletizing and other workplaces. Fast beats.
Product features
01Compact structure, high space utilization rate
02Stable performance
03Beautiful appearance
04Fast running speed
05Strong versatility
06Modular mechanical structure design
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Model 406 SCARA robot can bear higher loads when running at high speeds, and is very suitable for applications that require a larger working range or a higher effective load while having high speed and low price. Ideal for robot loading and unloading, packaging, and machine loading/unloading solutions.
Product features
01Light weight
02Fast running speed
03Beautiful appearance
04High repeat positioning accuracy
05High-speed cycle time improves parts throughput
06Excellent acceleration/deceleration rate, smooth start/stop

Working radius: 6Kg Rated load: 2Kg working radius: 600mm
This product has standard parts, the above are high-strength aluminum alloy castings, and aluminum-magnesium alloy castings can also be customized.
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MYRT-4120 palletizing and feeding robot
It is a good way to improve efficiency and save costs
Strict production standards create its strong working ability
The stable system makes it operate more smoothly
Excellent industrial design to achieve high-speed operation
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Smart stereo library
Industrial-grade automated three-dimensional warehouses can realize full containers and pallets of goods to meet large-scale production and warehousing enterprises. The use of three-dimensional warehouse equipment can realize warehouse high-level rationalization, automatic access, and simple operation; improve efficiency and management quality, save labor costs and storage costs, etc.
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AGV truck
Car body size: L2250*W410*H280 (mm) (size can be customized)
Traveling mode: magnetic stripe guidance, laser guidance, inertial guidance, GPS guidance
Walking direction: walking forward and backward, turning left and right, bifurcation, translation
Communication function: wireless local area network (optional)
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FR-D700 series
D700 products are multi-functional and compact products.
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FR-E700 series
E700 products are economical products that can achieve high drive performance.
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Easy to use
◎No need to use a computer for servo adjustment. Just touch the button on the front of the amplifier.
◎Equipped with a "strong drive function" that can keep the equipment running without stopping even if there is a temporary load change, power supply change, or mechanical resonance frequency change.
Easy to import
◎It is very easy to select the model on the FA machine information site "Mitsubishi Electric FA Site". It is also very simple to use dedicated software for capacity selection.
◎The standard configuration of "regenerative resistor" (above 200W) realizes wiring saving ●Space saving.
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HG-SR Servo Motor
Medium capacity ▪ Medium inertia.
Support equipment with large load inertia.
Capacity: 0.5 kW~ 7 kW
Application examples ●Transfer machinery ●Special machinery ●Manipulator ●Loader, unloader ●Winding machine, voltage equipment ●Turntable ●XY meter
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HG-KN servo motor
Mitsubishi General AC Servo MR-JE series is an upgraded version of the MR-ES series, compatible with all the functions of the MR-ES series, and also improved the advanced performance and ease of use of the product on the original basis.
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