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Recruitment: 3 automation technical engineers

Job Description:

Responsible for the development and optimization of the company's electrical automation system

2. Electric control cabinet distribution, installation wiring and field installation of automation engineering projects;

Job Requirements:

Major in automation or related field

Have certain programming foundation, familiar with PLC programming process and interface

Please send your resume to:

Recruitment: 3 mechanical design engineers

Job Description:

Responsible for the design, drawing drawing, processing and production guidance of the company's mechanical products

Job Requirements:

1) Proficient in CAD, SOLIDWORKS and other software as well as various office software;

2) Have a certain English foundation, can independently translate relevant English materials.

3) Work seriously and responsibly, bear hardships and stand hard work, and obey arrangement;

Job vacancies: 3 trade commissioners

Job Description:

Responsible for receiving domestic and foreign customers, participating in domestic and foreign professional exhibitions, developing new customers.

Job Requirements:

1. Proficient in all kinds of office software.

2. Fluent in spoken, written and listening English, with standard pronunciation and standard writing.

3. Strong communication ability, able to complete the whole foreign trade process independently.

Can bear hardships and stand hard work, have team spirit, need to work overtime when necessary.


Salary: basic salary + commission + bonus + five insurances + general holiday

Please send your resume to:

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